SMH HIstory

Sanders Morris was born out of E.F. Hutton & Co. Don Sanders was the largest producer at E.F. Hutton and forged a close working relationship with George Ball, who was President of Hutton (one of the youngest senior executives on Wall Street). Desiring to further expand his client services and offerings, Mr. Sanders formed Sanders Morris in 1987, just a month after the 1987 stock market crash. Undaunted by the crash, Mr. Sanders partnered with Ben Morris, a successful deal-oriented energy executive, and John Mundy, an expert in securities trading and commodities. With this foundation, Sanders Morris began “Investment in Common”, a philosophy where the principals of Sanders Morris would invest alongside that of their clients (wherever similar goals) to ensure alignment, focus and shared risk. Since then, Sanders Morris has invested billions of principal, client and affiliate assets in a variety of stocks, bonds and private opportunities, including early funding of major companies such as Waste Management.

At a Glance

Sanders Morris is a privately held financial services firm with a focus on wealth management, institutional brokerage and trading, private equity and insurance. The firm has invested over $1.3 billion in private companies on behalf of its clients and principals, with current investments in over 125 companies. As an independent firm, Sanders Morris is free to focus on building long-term relationships and long-term results, emphasizing goal achievement and respect for accumulated capital.

Key Facts

Founded: 1987

Management Team: George L. Ball (Chairman and CEO), Don A. Sanders (Founder), Erick G. R. Kuebler (President, Managing Director) and A. Haag Sherman (Managing Director)

Business Lines:

  • Private Wealth Management
  • Institutional Services & Trading
  • Private Equity
  • Insurance

Significant Strategic Initiatives: Acquired a majority of Edelman Financial Services and sold it in 2015 for $850 million; acquired 50% of Salient Partners, LP and affiliate for $10 million in 2003 and sold interest in 2008 for over $100 million.

Public and Private Investment Banking Transactions: over $2.5 billion since 1987

Major Investments (by Sanders Morris, its principals, affiliates and/or clients):

  • Waste Management, Inc.
  • Browning-Ferris International
  • Enterprise Products, LP
  • Main Street Capital
  • MD Anderson Proton Therapy Center
  • Salient Partners, LP
  • Edelman Financial, LLC
  • Houston Astros
  • Ryan-Sanders Baseball