Managing Director, Wealth Management

Sumeet K. Rai - Sanders Morris Harris

Sumeet K. Rai serves as Managing Director of Wealth Management at Sanders Morris with over 23 years of wealth management experience. She uses a disciplined and consultative approach to develop investment and financial planning strategies for high-net-worth individuals and their families. This strategic approach serves as a foundation to meet each client’s unique goals whether it is retirement, educational, financial independence or leaving a family legacy. Ms. Rai started her financial services career as a financial consultant at Lehman Brothers in 1992. She subsequently worked at several national financial firms before joining Sanders Morris in 2010. Prior to starting her career in the financial industry, she worked for Shell Chemical in the polymers division. Ms. Rai received a BS in electrical engineering (cum laude) from Ohio University. Upon graduation, she was offered a Stocker Fellowship from the Engineering College to pursue her masters.